The one and only Grand Master Crash!

Here’s a good question.

Why do people make such terrible Sonic fan characters in the first place?

I mean, not all Sonic fan characters are terrible, but it seems that most of them are.

I have a fan character of my own, and while you’ll never catch me calling my character ‘superior’, I’m pretty sure she’s of higher quality than most fan characters.

Now, I’ve seen some pretty good Sonic fan characters (I’ve actually reblogged a couple I found on Tumblr, as a matter of fact), and I always think to myself…why can’t everyone just take the time to develop their character?

It seems most people just throw their character’s details together like a lunchtime sandwich…except…with the character, it turns into a huge mess.

I’ll be honest, my fan character, Glare, used to be like that. I just came up with her at random.

Fortunately, I later took the time to rethink my character’s personality, and tried my best to turn her from a typical fan character, to one that I could be proud of.

I like to think that I’ve accomplished that, and advise anyone who wants to make their own character to do the same.

Remember, even a little time spent on character development can be the difference between further ruining the reputation of the Sonic fandom and actually improving it’s reputation.